High Speed Chase on the Bike Path

Today I received the following message from an eye witness to an incident at The Grande and on the bike path:

FYI: some guy stole a truck in Conshy and was on a high speed chase driving on the bike trail behind the Grande. Conshy PD, whitemarsh and Plymouth chased him down and arrested him. The guy ditched the truck and they are now searching for it around the Grande.

Tonight a resident of The Grande forwarded me an email that went out to the residents that provided more details.  It reads:

The police apprehended a thief in the upper garage of Building 2 today who was attempting to steal a car, after entering the lower garage in a stolen truck. He was reported in Plymouth Whitemarsh as driving along the bike path, and was followed by the Conshohocken police until he entered our property and drove into the lower garage. The lower garage door of Building 2 was damaged and is no longer operational. It is being dismantled and should be complete by the end of the workday. The lower garage pedestrian door is also damaged but is operational for exiting, not entering.

One of our residents witnessed the crime and has been assisting the police in their investigation. Nothing was taken, and we are happy to report that the perpetrator is in custody. Security measures are being put into place until the door is operational.

So did anyone else witness what went down?