Holiday movie partially shot at bed & breakfast in Conshohocken now available to watch

In October, reported that a film was being shot in Conshohocken at the George Washington Wood Bed & Breakfast on East 5th Avenue. At that time we didn’t know much beyond that QVC was involved.

The film is now out and available for streaming on QVC’s website. The title is Holly and the Hot Chocolate and the story is as follows according to QVC:

When Holly, a big city food critic who loves Christmas a little too much, finds herself unexpectedly stuck in the equally Christmas-obsessed town of Pine Falls, all hope of meeting her boyfriend’s family for the first time seems lost. But, with the help of a humbuggish (though charming) tow-truck driver and a certain magical hot chocolate, Holly may still receive the biggest gift of all: love.

Below is the trailer and the link above to QVC’s website is where you can stream the entire movie. We skimmed through the movie and a major setting is a bed & breakfast. However, we did not see (again we skimmed) any shots that screamed Conshohocken. Most of the filming took place in Media. But, watch and let us know if we missed something.

Photo: QVC