Huffington Post Article About People Who Hate Mayo Mentions Lafayette Hill Man

On July 18th, the Huffington Post published an article titled “Meet The People Who Hate Mayo More Than Anyone.” The article explores anti-mayo social media groups and websites, plus mentions Lafayette Hill’s Craig Horwitz who, along with Anthony Vollmer, was behind a 2014 film The Mayo Conspiracy. describes the film as follows:

When an intrepid journalist meets up with a mysterious whistle-blower from the Mayonnaise cartel, he is taken on a historical journey through a seedy condimental underworld.

The day the Huffington Post article was published, Horwitz took to his social media and posted:

I’ve said over and over for the last few years: It’s only a matter of time until the mainstream media catches up with the story of Big Mayo and their overly aggressive, sneaky, even downright criminal methods to force their white slime into our food supply. And low and behold, we now have today’s Huffington Post article, that not only puts a face to their victims but also puts a face to the resistance! I hope you will read and share.

Here is the trailer:

So mayo or no mayo? Let us know in the comments.