If You Were Planning on Driving to the New Dog Park…

If you were planning on coming home from work, putting the dog in the car and driving to the soon to be opened Conshy Dog Park, it appears you may be out of luck. Councilman Raj Gupta, who spearheaded the creation of the park, wrote earlier today on the Facebook page for the Conshy Dog Park the following:

As previously explained by our FB Admin, the Conshy Dog Park was designed as a walking destination. We do not have dedicated parking.

Currently, free public parking for the riverfront is available by the helipad (adjacent to Kynetic). In the near future we expect to have some spots in front of our Boathouse, once built.

So basically if you do not live in the Londonbury or River Walk and were hoping to use the park, you are being encouraged to walk.

Does this make the dog park a lot less user friendly for the residents who were excited for it to open?