Krav Maga Gun Defense Workshop at DeStolfo’s Premier Martial Arts on July 12th

DeStolfo’s Premier Martial Arts will be hosting a Krav Maga Gun Defense Workshop on Tuesday, July 12th from 7:15 p.m. to 9:15 p.m. The workshop teach invaluable skills that could save one’s life. Participants will learn to defend themselves against violent gun assaults. Instructors will cover attacks from the front, back, side of the body and side of the head. Each participant will learn how to redirect the line of fire, attack and disarm the threat, and what to do after you have the gun.

The instructor will be Rinaldo Rossi, the head Krav Maga instructor at DeStolfo’s Premier Martial Arts. Rinaldo (IKMA instructor) has studied Krav Maga since the early 1990’s and continued his training with David Kahn in 2006. Rinaldo completed his advanced instructor training with Grandmaster Haim Gidon and Yigal Arbiv in both the United States and Israel, and was promoted to Black Belt. Rinaldo is a partner in Israeli Krav Maga Cherry Hill and is the senior instructor. Rinaldo is certified to teach Krav Maga law enforcement techniques and applications and spearheads the Israeli Krav Maga’s law enforcement training in southern New Jersey. Rinaldo has also trained in Israeli firearms tactics with Sgt. Major (res.) Nir Maman.

The cost is $20.00. You can register by calling (610) 834-8533 or emailing