Latest updates and details on the Montco Beer Fest scheduled for Saturday in Plymouth Meeting

Attending or interested in the Montco Beer Festival presented by GIANT on Saturday, October 15th from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Lulu Shriners in Plymouth Meeting and have some questions? Below is everything you need to know.

Are tickets still available?

Yes, you can buy them online here. Tickets will not be sold on-site, buy online and then gain entry to the event as explained below.

Early Redemption Events

On Friday, October 14th from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at Southern Cross Kitchen you can redeem your ticket for a wristband and save time when arriving at the event.

Note that you can redeem tickets for your friends.

How does the festival work?

Attendees, who didn’t buy a designated driver ticket, are provided a cup. With this cup you can sample a variety of beers and other adult beverages. The cup is five ounces and each sample is approximately two ounces.

Do not bring any other cups.

Rain or shine?

Yes. The forecast is for 72 degrees and sunny skies.

Is only beer available?

There are 12 other adult beverages that are not beer. This includes wine, cider, canned cocktails, hard tea, and more.

Non-alcoholic drinks are available for sale at the food vendors and free water is available at the GIANT and Courts at Spring Mill Station tents.

Dogs, other animals, and kids

Dogs and other animals are not allowed (unless a service animal). No kids (not even in a Baby Bjorn).

What should I wear?

The current forecast is 72 degrees and sunny. In regards to shoes, there are two sections. One is on a mix of grass and stone. The other is just grass. Heels are not advised.


There will be porta-potties outside the stadium at the end furthest from the building. Follow the signs.

There will be accessible bathrooms with the port-a-potties.


There will be a designated smoking area. Please dispose of your butts in the container.

Can I leave and come back?

There is no re-entry once you leave.


Shuttles are available from Conshohocken and Ambler. Please see here for the details.

After the event, they will make a return trip.

If you need to leave early, go to the check-in point where the shuttles dropped you off.

Parking at venue

Only those who bought a designated driver’s parking pass can park at the venue.

Car Share/Uber/Lyft

There is a special entrance and drop-off for those taking a car share or being dropped off by a friend. Use 5200 Butler Pike, Plymouth Meeting as the address.

What will there be to eat?

The Pizza Wagon, Streetside BBQ, and The Yankee Chipper will have hot food. In addition, there will be nuts, jerky, popcorn, and baked goods.

Free water will be available at the Giant and Courts at Spring Mill Station tents.

Map of venue

A map of breweries, sponsors, and vendors will be available online at on Saturday.

Is there an ATM on-site/Do the vendors take cards?

There is not an ATM on-site. Most vendors will take cards, but it’s wise to bring cash.

What If I have a medical issue?

There will be an ambulance on-site.


Official Montco Beer Festival t-shirts and hoodies will be available for sale at the tent. Find the tent inside the stadium.

Can a brewery run out of beer?

Yes, it is possible. Sometimes a beer is really popular. There are about 50 stations with beer and adult beverages. The idea is to move around and try a variety. If one runs out, there are a lot more to try.

Can I bring my camera?

Yes (feel free to send any fun photos to or hashtag #montcobeerfest on Instagram.

Who does the event benefit?

The event is hosted by and benefits the Conshohocken Plymouth Whitemarsh Rotary. manages the event.