Leslie McLaughlin

Photo courtesy of Looking Glass Photography

How did you come to live and/or work in Conshohocken?

I was introduced to Conshohocken in 1995 by a Chef with whom I had worked, after he returned to work at Totaro’s Restaurant on Hector Street.   He asked me to come and interview with owner Andrew Totaro (a Conshy celebrity for sure!) for a pastry chef position they wanted to create.

What do you do (career wise)?

I have been the Pastry Chef/Baker for Totaro’s for the past 15 years.  I make all of the restaurant’s desserts and baked goods, including specialty cakes for banquets and anything else we need in the “sweets” department.  We also sell our desserts and baked goods to the Wine Thief Restaurant and the Good Food Market, both in Philadelphia.

What do you love most about Conshohocken?

I love the character of the town – it reminds me of Hoboken and Greenwich Village back in the eighties when I lived there.  It is an interesting and exciting mix of sophisticated high rises and mom-and-pop shops, and people of many diverse backgrounds.

What are your favorite places in Conshohocken?

My favorite places in Conshohocken are Totaro’s (yes, even though I work there – I love the great neighborhood atmosphere and awesome food), Lenny’s Italian (their hot roast pork sandwich rocks), Black Fish (fresh, fun, delicious and sophisticated) , Spring Mill Café (warm European ambiance, interesting theme dinners, and great food created by the ever present Owner/Chef Michele Haines), Edwards Freeman (a place you can find all of candy you remember from childhood, as well as fresh ground nut butters, dried fruits, extracts, spices, decorative sugars, kitsch galore and so, so much more, plus a wonderful staff – check it out!),  Flocco’s Shoe Store (great family owned establishment that provides the kind of old time service that you do not get anymore!! – they aim to please), and Lee’s Produce ( great go-to place to find interesting ingredients and products)!!

I also love Barren Hill Road.  I drive this beautiful, long and winding road during the early morning hours to work.  The moon is often bright, deer and fox cross my path, and it is lined with amazing farmhouses and a mystery ski slope!!  I would love to know more (actually, anything) about the adorable ski slope and lodge.