Life Sciences zoning amendment on agenda for Plymouth Township’s Council

In August of 2021, reported on Brandywine Realty Trust’s plan to redevelop an undeveloped portion of the Metroplex property along Chemical Road in Plymouth Meeting with a life sciences campus.

To do so would require zoning relief or for Plymouth Township’s Council to amend the zoning code to allow a manufacturing component.

A proposed ordinance that would amend the zoning code is now on the July 5th agenda for the council. It is marked as a presentation and won’t be up for a vote. From the proposed ordinance:

Integrated Life Sciences Facility – A use that combines laboratory space, office space, storage space and space for assembly of materials for study, research, development, experimentation, prototype development, and manufacture. Use may involve one or more scientific fields, including but not limited to life sciences, biotechnology, biomedical research, robotics, renewable technology, sustainable technology, computer science, electronic technology or medicine in a facility or facilities on the same tract. Such facilities shall maintain compliance, where applicable, with standards of Good Manufacturing Practice, to assure proper design, monitoring, and control of manufacturing processes and facilities and to assure the identity, strength, quality, and purity of such products by requiring that manufacturers adequately control operating means and methods.

The newly defined use would become a conditional use within two zoning districts in the township, the Mixed-Use Plan Development district, which is the Metroplex, and the Office Laboratory District. You can read the entire proposed ordinance here.

Photo: Shows the undeveloped area of the Metroplex.