Local Coworking is Thriving in Montgomery County

Despite WeWork’s recent filing for Bankrupcy, and the flux of employers fleeing commercial leases to transition to hybrid work, local coworking spaces are thriving in the suburbs—especially in Montgomery County.

iThrive Coworking is now opening the doors of their third location at 145 Greenwood Ave, Wyncote, PA. From its exposed stone walls to skylight views, this space boasts a variety of workspace options. Their carefully designed open desk seating allows for both deep work and collaboration, while the range of offices and meeting spaces offer privacy.  Members not only enjoy the views, but the walkability along Greenwood Ave to Sumatra, Main Street Pizzeria & Grille, and Jenkintown Train Station.

Karen Mellor, Senior Vice President of iThrive Coworking, explains, “Our members are looking for convenience coupled with flexibility. We empower remote professionals, startups, solopreneurs, and teams with modern workspaces that are close to home and offer both amenities and hospitality. We support the growth of an organic community of iThrivers: our members are our coworkers, and their successes are our own.”

With a monthly membership and short term commitment, this local giant offers members access to all of their locations—including their flagship space at Ambler Yards alongside Well Crafted Brewery, Kanna Fitness, Ambler Skate and The Lunch Box. Last year, iThrive expanded to the Main Line and opened a boutique coworking space that sits beside Greentree Park in Malvern, PA.

Mellor notes, “Our goal is to continue expanding throughout suburban PA & NJ with the goal of diversifying the types of coworking and amenities we offer. Cowarehousing, commissary kitchens, markets, and niche specific communities are all on the table.”

They happily offer a free day of coworking at each of their locations and are welcoming all to join an Open House Event at their Wyncote location on November 29th from 4-6 pm.