Local Politics | Montgomery County updates voter services website after MoreThanTheCurve.com points to poorly explained process to return ballot on another’s behalf

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On October 27th, MoreThanTheCurve.com pointed out how poorly Montgomery County explained on its website how someone can return a ballot on behalf of someone else, under certain conditions, utilizing a Designated Agent Form.

On October 30th, the county updated references to this process. It now states:

Pursuant to the Pennsylvania Election Code, voted ballots may only be returned by the individual voter and not by any other individuals, unless the voter has an illness or disability that will prevent them from picking up or dropping off their ballot. In that instance, they can complete the Certification of Designated Agent form to designate another person (agent) to pick up or drop off their ballot. The first page should be signed by the other person (agent) and the second page should be signed by the voter. 

The agent may only pick up or drop off ballots for voters who are in the same household. Ballots can only be picked up at an office location with the completed Certification of Designated Agent form. Completed mail-in or absentee ballots can be dropped off by the agent at an office location or secure ballot drop box and must be accompanied by the Certification of Designated Agent form.  The form should be kept separately and not enclosed in the ballot return envelope. 

A voter who obtained their ballot using a designated agent can also return their ballot by mail. If they choose to return their ballot by mail, they do not need to include a designated agent form. 

All drop box locations are monitored using CCTV video surveillance. Anyone depositing a ballot that does not belong to them without a Designated Agent Form will be referred to the District Attorney’s Office. 

Similar text was also added to the frequently asked section of the website.