Merenda Box’s Queijo Wafflewich lands on Philadelphia Inquirer’s list of 50 best breakfast sandwiches

The Philadelphia Inquirer recently published a list of what it thinks are the 50 best breakfast sandwiches in the region. The list doesn’t provide a 1-50 ranking, but lists the best 50 by neighborhood.

Conshohocken’s Merenda Box landed a sandwich on the list. About the Queijo Wafflewich, the Inquirer wrote:

Daniela de Souza’s Brazilian pastry shop, which she opened last spring in Conshohocken near her coffee shop ’feine, dispenses such treats as pastais de nata and pão com chouriço. For something different and completely savory, there’s the queijo waffle-wich, in which she layers egg, cheese, and bacon or sausage between a waffle made of her cheese bread.

You can find the full list here.

Photo: Merenda Box