Missed Connection – “Nice Legs!”

So apparently the person behind this Missed Connection on Craigslist.com has some history with a person he or she saw today and thought it would be a good idea to yell “nice legs” out his or her car window (likely his). Luckily for our hero, he or she thought better and didn’t do it.

The post reads:

You were wearing shorts and scrolling through your phone. Thought about driving by and rolling down the window and saying ‘nice legs’…we always could joke around. But, since it’s been several years since we last talked/met, and given the circumstances, I wasn’t sure how well that would go over. 

Anyway, please know I think of you often, miss you & your goofy sense of humor, and I hope you have forgiven (or will, someday) my inadvertent mistake that led to everything blowing up. I am so sorry – it was an accident, not done on purpose. Please know you can’t possibly beat me up about that any more than I have already beaten myself up about it. 

Hope you & your family are well, old friend.

Let us know if there is a love connection.