Montco District Attorney warns public on “Strictly Delta” brand of CBD gummies found to contain fentanyl, heroin

Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin R. Steele, Whitpain Township Police Chief Kenneth Lawson, Montgomery Township Police Chief Scott Bendig, and Hatfield Township Police Chief William Tierney warned the public today that fentanyl and heroin have been found in some of the Strictly Delta brand of “Delta 8 THC 600 MG Happy Cubes” sold at three Tobacco Hut stores in Montgomery County. The tainted gummies have caused two overdoses in the county. Both individuals who overdosed have recovered.

The district attorney and police chiefs have also warned about “Urb Extrax” and “Packwoods Coned,” which were other items offered for sale that have also been found to contain fentanyl.

According to the announcement, the investigation began after the two overdoses were reported to police. Undercover detectives went to the Tobacco Hut store and purchased bags of Strictly Delta brand of “Delta 8 THC 600 MG Happy Cubes” in various flavors, which were then tested for illegal drugs. Two flavors—Juicy Pineapple and Blueberry Lemonade—were found to contain illegal drugs. Juicy Pineapple tested positive for fentanyl, while the Blueberry Lemonade tested positive for heroin, fentanyl, and methyl fentanyl.

Late on February 23rd, law enforcement executed search warrants on all Tobacco Hut stores in Montgomery County and all packages of Strictly Delta brand of “Delta 8 THC 600 MG Happy Cubes” were seized by law enforcement. Testing on February 24th found the presence of fentanyl.

“Individuals should not consume any flavors of these Strictly Delta brand of CBD gummies. If anyone has any of these gummies, do not eat them! We need to get the word out that some of these packages contain deadly drugs—fentanyl and heroin,” said Steele. “We don’t yet know whether other items from the stores contain deadly drugs. Testing is ongoing. We also don’t know if this is a widespread issue but we are working with law enforcement at the local, state and federal levels to ascertain that.”

Investigators tested the items rapidly with the analytical support and lonscan technology provided by
Lieutenant Colonel Max W. Furman Jr. and his team at the PA Counterdrug Joint Task Force of the Pennsylvanian National Guard.

Officials are warning anyone who purchased these Strictly Delta brand of “Delta 8 THC 600 MG Happy Cubes” anywhere in Montgomery County and still has them in their possession, to not eat them. You are asked to call the Montgomery County Detective Bureau at (610) 278-3368 or call their local police department to turn them over for testing.