Montgomery County chef flipped the switch to a career in alternative energy

A Montgomery County chef is now more interested in your roof’s dimensions and what direction it is facing than what is on your dinner table.

After more than 20 years in Ambler at Trax Café, Waxman has turned his attention to solar power and became the CEO of Waxman Solar Solutions, licensed in 26 states and growing. As a solar and energy consultant and a mentor for those seeking a career in the field, Waxman oversees the entire process of installing solar panels on your roof, from discovery to installation to flipping the switch. 

Waxman works nationally with POWUR and locally with Hammer and Bell. With a commitment to making every dish perfect at his former restaurant, Waxman brings that same dedication to his clients in the renewable energy industry. As a trusted local point of contact living in Whitemarsh, he is available to answer questions and handle any issues that may arise.

Join the growing number of homeowners and businesses adopting solar power and schedule a 10-minute discovery call with Steve Waxman today. 

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