Montgomery County still listing out-of-date polling locations on website. Find out which list is correct

UPDATE – As of 10/11/20 at 7:41 p.m. the old list is still live on the Montgomery County’s website and still the second result when googling for polling locations in Montgomery County.

Original article –

Last week we started to prepare an article that provided details on polling locations for the general election on November 3rd. What we found was that Montgomery County still had a page of the temporary polling locations utilized for the primary election in May live on its website. Strangely, this list of polling locations was dated as of September 4th (five months after the primary).

This list of no-longer-valid polling locations is the second result given when searching “Montgomery County PA polling locations” in Google. Note that we search in incognito mode so our prior search history wouldn’t impact the outcome.

The first and third results shown above require you to click additional links to find the correct polling locations. The second result brings you right to a list of locations (the wrong locations). So if someone clicks the second link, which is dated as of September 4th, there is nothing indicating its an out-of-date list.

When we noticed this on October 1st, we emailed Montgomery County Commissioner Ken Lawrence to alert him to the issue. Lawrence is the chair of the Montgomery County Board of Elections. We did not receive a response and the issue has not been fixed.

The correct list of polling places does now have a location for Conshohocken’s first ward (we aren’t reporting this was an issue, it likely just hadn’t been determined yet).

So where do you vote in-person? The correct list can be found here. If you aren’t sure what ward or precinct you live in, you can enter your address here and it will tell you where to vote.