Endorsed Candidates

Who does endorse in tomorrow’s elections? Click the link to find out!

For tomorrow’s elections, officially endorses…… nobody.  We were asked several times if we were going to issue endorsements, we’re not sure if its our place.  We just try to give everyone as much information as possible to make their own decision.

It is a shame that one entire political party decided against answering some pretty basic questions and only two candidates from the other party answered the questions we submitted.  Since we did the stories on the questions not being answered, we have been getting a cold reception from a few of the candidates when we see them at events.  Brrrrr.

We hear there might be some excitement at one polling location tomorrow, so we plan to stop by a few and see what is happening.

So go vote tomorrow.  We will keep you updated through the day and will post the results as soon as we have them.