Most Searched Terms in Google for 2011

One of the more interesting aspects of the website is being able to see through Google Analytics what people are interested in.  Google Analytics gives me all types of information including what is searched in Google that results in someone landing on

So what were the most search terms? The most searched terms, by far, are several variations of Conshohocken and, so I am going to omit those in my search list.  Below are the Top 10:

10. Spamps with 290 searches

9. 8 East with 312 searches

8. I Fall in Conshy Bar Crawl with 351 searches

7. Style of Man with 330 searches

6. Wawa with 340 searches

5. Conshohocken Cafe with 390 searches

4. Cradles to Crayons with 1,011 searches

3. StoneRose with 1,145 searches

2. Jillian Mele with 1,155 searches

1. Conshohocken Restaurant Week with 2,723 searches

Please note that the terms listed above are the most generic variation.  I tabulated all of the search results if there were a variety of terms used, such as “Conshy Restaurant Week” and “Conshohocken Restaurant Week.”