News/Gossip – Week of 11/23/09

(Above) So did anyone watch the Conshohocken girl on SoapNET’s Bank of Mom and Dad?  Julie Tempest, who either lives in or is from Conshohocken, was on last week’s episode.  Here is a wrap-up video.

Conshohocken’s Borough Council approves preliminary budget.

College basketball player from Conshohocken leading Sienna.

Conshy Grill & Subs has their website up now.  Turn your sound off prior to clicking the link, trust me.

Conshohohocken archeologists looking for Native American artifacts at future home of the Sugarhouse Casino.

What is going to happen to the Stock Market after Black Friday?  A guy in West Conshohocken thinks he knows.

Someone in Conshohocken was a very bad boy.

Conshohocken’s Quaker Chemical announces quarterly dividend.

More shoe photos.

Read the text to the right about 8 East.  Ok, don’t click that link, the page has been taken down.  However, the same text can be found all over the Internet.  Its basically a DJ saying he will be the house DJ.  That being said, from what I have heard, its not opening anytime soon.

The Montgomery County Guild of Professional Artists is having a show in Conshohocken.

Conshohocken attorney speaks to a meeting of insurers.

West Conshohocken organization’s leader signs the “Manhattan Declaration.”

Conshohocken swimmer at the University of Florida.

Conshohocken’s Viridity Energy poised to make impact with Smart Grid.

Financial analysts that made prediction about Conshohocken’s CardioNet quits.  Another story here.

No, its actually “West Conshohocken“.

Conshy company sells former headquarters of Giant Foods.