Opinion | There are too many parking spaces dedicated to the post office in Conshohocken

A few weeks ago we decided to have lunch at a restaurant near the post office in Conshohocken. We drove up Fayette Street and couldn’t find a parking spot, so we took a right down East 6th Avenue and circled back. We ended up parking a block down on the west side of Fayette Street.

Now, this isn’t about me being lazy and believing that I should find a spot right in front of my destination. It is just the situation that led us to notice just how much parking is dedicated to the post office.

The post office has a dedicated parking lot with 20 or so spaces. They are open for the public to use, but rarely used in my experience.

There are six or seven spaces in front of the post office with a limit of 20 minutes. There are four spaces with a 20 minute limit on East 5th Avenue. These limits were established in 2006 and 2007 according to the borough’s code.

With the post office’s declining use and it having one of the few dedicated parking lots along Fayette Street, there is absolutely no reason to place 20 minute time limits on parking spots in front of and alongside it.

Placing an hour or two hour limit on these spots will enable them to be used for the nearby restaurants and shops.

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