Opinion: What in the World is Norristown Thinking?

We usually stick strictly to our coverage area, but there is something absolutely crazy going on right now in Norristown (and a lot of people in our coverage area visit the places involved).

Norristown is actually considering imposing a tax on the Elmwood Park Zoo, plus the two theaters in the community, and other entertainment type events and businesses. The “amusement tax” would be applied to the price of admission to entertainment venues.

So they want to make the visiting Norristown cost more?

When Legoland wanted to open in Plymouth Meeting, Plymouth Township amended this type of tax so it didn’t apply.

Plymouth nixed the tax for a huge corporate entertainment company, and now Norristown wants to impose a tax on tickets to a small zoo and off-off-off Broadway theater companies.

That is sure to attract entertainment businesses when they consider where to make their home in the region.

The proposal is before Norristown’s Council tonight. This vote will be whether to advertise the proposed ordinance. If it is advertised, then in the future, the Council can take action to impose the tax or not.

They should sell tickets to Norristown’s public meetings and tax the tickets. They sound very entertaining.