Over 350 Come Out for Spaghetti Dinner for Janie at Spamps

362 people came out to Spamps on Sunday night to support Janie Carbo.  Guests enjoyed a spaghetti dinner served by Marcie from Spamps, Robin from Guppy’s Good Times, Kim from Gypsy Saloon, Andrew from Totaro’s, Michael from the Conshohocken Cafe and Brian from The StoneRose. Money from the dinner and all of the tips were donated.

Carbo was born in 2004 with a rare genetic disorder called MIDAS syndrome (Microphthalmia, Dermal Apalsia, Sclerocornea).  This syndrome only affects females and left Janie blind at birth. Her left eye is under developed which requires her to wear a glass eye. The major expense not covered by insurance is her glass eye. Its considered “cosmetic” even though she needs it to prevent her face from caving in as she grows. The money we raise helps the family get through this without financial issues associated with her illness and adding to their stress. This disorder is so rare Janie was the first case at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.