PennDOT Secretary states that it would be “malpractice” to not have conversation when a municipality wants to assume responsibility for state road

State Representative Ben Waxman (D-Philadelphia) posted a video of a question he posed to Pennsylvania’s Secretary of Transportation Michael Carroll. The question was about how PennDOT views requests from municipalities to take control of a state road. Secretary Carrol responded by outlining how many roads PennDOT has and how it would be “malpractice” to not have a conversation when a municipality wants to assume responsibility for a road.

While Representative Waxman was asking the question in relation to a discussion in Philadelphia about the city taking control of East Market Street, we share this video due to the recent issues along the West Elm Street/New Elm Street/Conshohocken Road corridor that is a state road in the Borough of Conshohocken and Plymouth Township.

As has reported, in recent months a vehicle hit a home and another vehicle hit a fence, and a pedestrian was struck last year. Residents along the road have asked for a stop sign at the intersection with Light Street, however, PennDOT has denied that request stating that it does not meet its criteria (but did offer some signage to announce the intersection). Residents have also asked for improved sidewalks and that they be extended further down the roadway in front of the steel plant. Plymouth Township is studying that request.

PennDOT has an official program to turn roads over to municipalities. If it approves the transfer, it pays $4,000 per mile on an annual basis to towards the maintenance of the road.

We recently offered our opinion that the Borough of Conshohocken and Plymouth Township seek to obtain control of the West Elm Street corridor from Fayette Street to the stop sign near the steel plant. Let us know what you think. Based on our reading of the secretary’s comments, PennDOT would be happy to have less roads to maintain.