Pet of the Week | Bob

This week’s Pet of the Week is Bob. Bob, along with dozens of other pets, were submitted a few months ago, so we are just getting to him. Unfortunately we found out today that Bob passed away a couple months ago. So this is a Pet of the Week in memoriam.

Bob was adopted about two-and-a-half years ago and moved to Conshohocken. He spent his early days figuring out how to make friends on his own around town and loved being able to hang out with the Conshohocken Police while he waited to be picked up (sounds like Bob liked to get loose).

Bob eventually got settled and enjoyed hanging out with the two other dogs in the house. He also enjoyed going to school.

The picture above is from one of his days at his human’s school, where she taught special education. He loved spending time in the classroom and provided amazing motivation for the students, and kids all over the building. If the kids behaved, they earned a ‘Bob Day’.

On a ‘Bob Day’ he would lays next to the students as they read a book or curled up as close as possible while they completed their work. He even helped one of the students overcome a significant fear of dogs.

Most of Bob’s life was rough and he had the scars to prove it. His last couple years were spent living the life and being loved by everyone.

Photo: provided