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Wood benches follow basic layouts, making them relatively simple to build. A regular bench consists of two legs, a wide chair and support supports. You can customize the shapes of the wood to be aesthetically-pleasing. Spot or paint additionally improves the overall look of the seat. Things You Will Need Pine measuring 1 inch deep and 12 inches wide, boards 1 / 2 – inch plywood Nail gun 2 – inch nails 1 – inch brads Circular saw Wood glue Instructions Reduce three planks to 4-feet long using a circular saw. These will function as the seat support and sides of the counter. Reduce two planks to 18 inches long for the legs. Attach the legs to the underside of one among the 4 – foot boards, using a nail-gun. The 12 – inch ends of the legs should meet the 1-2 – inch borders of the 4 – feet board.

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The border of the plank that is long has to be flush with the exterior side of the legs. Drive four 2 – inch nails through the top of the 4 – board into the upper edge of each one of the thighs. Connect the 2 remaining 4 – feet planks to the sides of the buy college papers seat. The planks sit lengthwise on both sides of the top plank. The upper ends of the side boards must be flush with the top of the upper board, producing the complete size of the seat 14-inches. Drive four 2 – inch nails into the sides throughout the exterior face of the side planks of the legs, spaced equally. Toenail eight 2 – inch nails every six inches throughout the exterior face of the side boards to the border of the top board. Disperse wood glue of the bench across the top.

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Fasten with 1, and set the plywood together with the table, flush with all four sides of the chair supports underneath – inch brads utilizing the nail gun. One brad in every corner and 2 along the lengths will undoubtedly be sufficient. Hints & Warnings Mud and paint the seat as desirable. Exterior seats must possess a sealant used before painting. To the sides or legs, work with a jigsaw to carve designs for a more decorative finish.