Plymouth Township Police Department remembers Officer Brad Fox on 11th anniversary of his death in the line of duty

September 13th, 2023 marks the 11th anniversary of the death of K9 Officer Brad Fox in the line of duty. You can read the statement from the department below:

On the evening of Thursday, September 13, 2012, K9 Officer Brad Fox #178 of the Plymouth Township Police Department was on duty and assisting at the scene of a motor vehicle crash. While at the scene of this accident, another vehicle, not involved, recklessly sped by and nearly struck Officer Fox and his fellow officers.

Officer Fox pursued this vehicle as it continued to recklessly travel through Plymouth Township, forcing other motorists off the roadway and eventually striking another vehicle. The suspect then exited his vehicle, while it was still moving, and fled on foot. This vehicle would later be determined to be stolen, although Officer Fox did not know this information at the time.

The suspect fled on foot into an industrial area and along an elevated railroad track. The area was densely overgrown with vegetation that afforded a large area of cover and concealment to the suspect.

Officer Fox, with his K9 partner Nick by his side, continued to pursue the suspect on foot. The suspect had not gone far and had taken up an elevated and concealed position. Armed with a semi-automatic handgun, the suspect ambushed and fired multiple rounds at Officer Fox and K9 Nick. Officer Fox was mortally wounded and Nick was injured from the gunfire as well, but thankfully survived. The weapon used to murder Officer Fox was later determined to have been bought illegally through a “Straw Purchase”.

Assisting Officers located Officer Fox in the difficult terrain in large part because K9 Nick, though wounded, had remained by his side.

Officer Fox was a five-year veteran of the Plymouth Township Police Department. He was murdered on the eve of his 35th birthday. Officer Fox and K9 Nick were recent graduates of the Philadelphia Police Canine Academy. They were crossed trained in both patrol duties and explosives detection. They faithfully served the residents of Plymouth Township and Montgomery County. They were also assigned to the Southeast Pennsylvania Regional Terrorism Task Force.

Officer Fox is survived by his wife, their young daughter who had just turned one that April, and their baby son who was born in the month of March after his death. Brad is also survived by his mother and his brother. Brad’s loving father passed away in 2021. All of those who knew Brad still mourn every day over the loss of their husband, their father, their son, their brother, their partner and their friend. A mourning that the men and women of the Law Enforcement community within this Commonwealth and around the nation know all too well.

Officer Fox is a true hero who served his country in deed and not in talk. He is a Marine who served two combat tours in Iraq before joining the Plymouth Township Police Department. He was a loving husband, father and son; a loyal friend and a gifted athlete. He had an infectious laugh that is unforgettable. He is unforgettable. He is, and will be, forever missed.

Thank You for joining the members of the Plymouth Township Police Department in honoring our Fallen Officer.