Plymouth Township’s Planning Agency votes to not recommend text amendment to allow conversion of office building into apartments at the Plymouth Meeting Mall

During its November 2nd meeting, the members of Plymouth Township’s Planning Agency unanimously voted to not recommend to the township’s council a text amendment that would have allowed the conversion of existing office buildings within the Shopping Center Zoning District into apartments.

The proposed amendment was sought by Keystone Development & Investment, which owns the office building that is adjacent to the mall. If adopted, the amended ordinance would allow Keystone to convert the office space into 150 apartments. The office building is vacant and it has been targeted for redevelopment as an elder care facility and an updated office tower, however, neither project moved forward.

Members of the planning agency expressed concerns about density (the number of units per acre), traffic, how it could impact other areas of the township, parking, sewer capacity, and passing this amendment involving apartments while the township is in litigation about another proposed apartment community on the mall’s property. You can watch the presentation and discussion below.

There was also a discussion about whether a study was done about converting the building into a life sciences facility. The township recently amended its zoning to encourage life science development in the area of The Metroplex. Keystone’s representative stated that the building was not convertable to life sciences and would involve having to demolish the building and rebuild.

Keystone could still seek adoption of the text amendment from the township’s council without the planning agency’s recommendation.

More to come.