Plymouth Whitemarsh High School’s Damien Thompkins has joined the Air Force

Damien Thompkins, a recent graduate of Plymouth Whitemarsh High School, has joined the Air Force, where he hopes to take up a career in maintenance or engineering after serving.

Thompkins will begin his military career in San Antonio, Texas, and shared that he was drawn to the Air Force after exploring other post-secondary options in addition to college.

“While looking into alternatives after high school, I found that the military seemed like a perfect fit,” he said. “It gives me the opportunity to challenge myself physically and mentally while also giving a great deal of flexibility in my life after my service time.”

“I am really looking forward to meeting my new family in the military and having the opportunity to advance my education while traveling the world,” he said.

While at Plymouth Whitemarsh, Thompkins took engineering courses and was also a member of the Robotics Club and DECA.

Photo: Colonial School District (Damien Thompkins with Tara Cabot and Aaliyah Tompkins)