PNC Bank in Conshohocken Robbed on Friday

The West Conshohocken Police Department stopped a vehicle on Friday that matched the description of a vehicle just used in the robbery of the PNC Bank in Conshohocken. From the West Conshohocken Police Department’s Facebook page:

Later that Friday afternoon, Conshohocken Police Department responded to PNC Bank for a robbery in progress. Police were advised that the suspect was last seen exiting the rear of the bank and entering into a silver van. While one of our officers was on patrol, he observed a vehicle matching the description giving (sic) to them by police radio. Our officer conducted a stop on the vehicle and with the help of Conshohocken Police, were able to make a positive identification of the bank robbery suspect and obtained evidence within the vehicle. He was taken into custody. Anyone with more information regarding this robbery are encouraged to call the Conshohocken Police Department and speak with their Detective Unit. A job well done to all Officers involved and for staying safe!