Poll Results | How suburbanites feel about the race to be Philadelphia’s next mayor

Last we conducted a very unscientific poll on how suburbanites feel about the candidates running to be mayor of Philadephia. Please note that this poll was conducted just prior to Maria Quiñones Sanchez withdrawing from the race.

Are you asking, “Why do we care what the suburbanites think when they can’t vote in the election?” Well, then you should read the article from The Philadelphia Inquirer with data that shows that half of the money funding the race comes from outside the city.

In regards to the order of candidates, we listed them in the order that they will appear on the ballot.

We asked for the zip codes of those participating and to what level they felt the crime occurring in Philadelphia impacts the suburbs. The vast majority felt that crime had a big impact on the quality of life in the suburbs.

While the communities we cover have a majority of Democratic Party voters, more Republicans participated in the poll. However, please note that the questions asked from this point were specific to how you answered this question.

The Independents

Alan Domb is the preferred Democratic Party candidate of suburban Independents with 43.2%. However, Independents still heavily favor Republican David Oh in the general election over their preferred Democrat.

The Republicans

Suburban Republicans also favor Alan Domb in the Democratic Party primary for mayor. However, while a majority of Republicans would support David Oh in the general election, almost 43% would favor their preferred Democrat.

The Democrats

Suburban Democrats favored Rebecca Rhynhart with 34.9%, with Helen Gym following at 25.6 and Alan Domb at 20.9% We then asked Democrats if there were any candidates that would lead them to vote for Republican David Oh if they got the nomination. While just over 50% said they would never vote for a Republican, 20% of Democrats said they would vote for a Republican over Helen Gym.

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