Possible “Town Center” in West Conshohocken takes initial steps

During the August 4th meeting of West Conshohocken’s Planning Commission, there was an agenda item labeled “Town Center District Discussion” that involves the possible amending of the zoning code to allow for more small commercial uses in the area of the Borough Hall.

In a document that was provided (that is also available on the borough’s website), the objective of the town center is described as follows:

Adopt a “Town Center” ordinance and/or zoning overlay to provide incentives, promote suitable development, and establish certain restrictions which together encourage the establishment of a town center district in and around the existing Borough Hall area.

The document then outlines five primary and four secondary objectives for the creation of a town center. The primary objectives include:

  • repurposing the Borough Hall building for restaurant or retail space
  • the construction of a parking garage adjacent to the Borough Hall building
  • the creation of a public plaza
  • creating a better pedestrian connection between the Borough Hall property, Saint Gertrude’s property, and the park
  • allowing for the conversion of homes along Front and Ford streets to small-scale retail at street level and another above (retail or office)

The secondary objectives are:

  • pedestrian bridges over Front Street and Matsonford Road
  • encourage the creation of a walkway under the Matsonford Bridge (this was part of the Conshohocken/Whitemarsh Riverfront Plan)
  • encourage non-pedestrian destinations such as a library, museum, or training center within the town center or nearby
  • a landmark “West Conshohocken” sign on a pedestrian bridge

The planning commission has an advisory role to the borough council. During the meeting, the members voted 3-0 to request funding from the borough council to hire a planning consultant to develop the concept further and potentially draft an ordinance for the borough council to consider.

As MoreThanTheCurve.com reported previously, the owners of Jasper’s Backyard in Conshohocken have purchased Baggataway Tavern. Last night it was mentioned that they have also purchased all of the properties bound by Front Street and Powers Avenue between William Street and George Street. In addition, they also own 101 Ford Street which is Jasper’s WestSide, which is currently closed except for special events.

This means that except for the Borough Hall property, there is now a single property owner along Front Street from Ford Street to William Street.

Expect to see many more articles on this issue if the borough council provides the funding for the planning consultant.

One thing that was mentioned several times by the members of the planning commission is that they want to receive feedback from the public. Feel free to leave a comment here or you can contact your elected officials here.

Main Image: Borough of West Conshohocken
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