Reports of Rash of Car Break-ins in Conshohocken and Plymouth Meeting

We don’t know if these specific incidents reported to us by a reader are true, but we do know thieves search for unlocked cars for an easy score. So take this as a reminder to make sure your cars are locked. From a reader:

I observed 2 black males in there late teens early 20s breaking into at least 10 cars from the 9th – 7th ave on Maple street Monday at about 3:15 am. I confronted them and immediately alerted Conshohocken police but they weren’t apprehended. Apparently there has been a rash of Thefts from the area and police are thinking these kids are hitting different townships in the area. Would be wise to advise the people in conshy to lock their vehicles and secure any loose belongings out in the open

2nd time this week I caught two kids breaking into cars in Conshy. Got a nice chase on them tonight and a good look at them Hopped into a 2 door grey Honda Civic. 2 black males. 1 is 6’1ish skinny build. 1st night was wearing an orange hoodie. Tonight was shirtless. 2nd kid is 5’9-5’10ish about 160lbs. Late teens early 20s. 3am both nights. Hit maple street Monday Am. Tonight I saw them breaking into cars on 11th Ave. 300 block.

Another person posted in the TalkinPlymouth Facebook Group the following:

From what I’ve been hearing, there have been numerous car break ins in our township and surrounding area. Be on your guard. Make sure cars and all doors are locked, and security systems are enabled.

Also take this as a reminder to not chase people you think are criminals through the streets. You have no idea what they might be carrying.