Residents of West Conshohocken Start Petition to Limit or End Fire Siren

We saw one of our readers post this on the West Conshy Facebook page yesterday and found it an interesting topic. We also remember that it was discussed somewhere on Facebook several months ago (we can’t remember where).

Basically the issue is that the George Clay Fire Company in West Conshohocken has a siren that historically meant to call the volunteer firefighters to respond to an emergency. It is still used and at least some residents believe that due to technology it is no longer needed.

Below is the text of the online petition. Feel free to support or critique the petition in the comments. If you want to sign-it, click the link.

This petition is to stop the use of the George Clay Fire Department Alarm during the hours of 9pm – 7am or entirely.

Many families are awaken multiple times throughout the night/day by the George Clay Fire Department Alarm Siren that screams for 2 complete minutes.

This siren is to inform the volunteer firefighters whom have pagers that they are needed. Many communities have volunteer Fire Departments, but do not use a siren to inform them their are needed.

This siren not only disturbs people that are sleeping before work hours, but disrupts the sleep of children at night and during their nap times. These children do not go directly back to sleep.

When this occurs the people of the neighborhood are exhausted the next day which is not safe when operating a vehicle and does not allow them to be as productive during their duties at work.

We are grateful to have a fire department so close to our home and extremely grateful for the individuals that dedicate there time away from their family, their lives and their knowledge.

We feel that this can be done without disrupting the entire neighborhood every time there is a need for the fire department.

I am assuming the Fire Dept would not want every person in the neighborhood setting an alarm off every time they went to work.

Please sign this petition to cease the siren from going off between 9pm – 7am or entirely.