Response from the Turn on Your Car Lights Driver on Matsonford Road

Last week we shared with you a post from’s Rant & Raves where a driver on Matsonford Road in West Conshohocken was dismayed by actions of another driver when the original poster tried to let them know he or she didn’t have the car lights on.

The feedback on’s post about the matter was basically that the original poster over reacted. Apparently the original poster read the comments on’s Facebook page, because he or she posted a response on It reads:

To those people who criticize me for speeding up when Psycho Driver tried to pass me on a double yellow line, some items for you to reconsider.

1. Did I have my lights off? Nope, that was Psycho Driver.
2. Did I leave them off when another drive was helpful enough to tell me they were off? Nope, that was Psycho Driver.
3. By speeding up I encouraged Psycho Driver to slow down and get back in his lane. I accept no blame for him choosing to go even faster going the wrong way in order to pass me illegally WITH HIS HEADLIGHTS OFF.
4. He had no reason to pass me even if I was going slow because the onramp to 476 was less than ten seconds down the road.

Hope this helps.

Psycho driver, qu’est-ce que c’est?