Road to Nowhere – The Block of Harry Street We Never Knew

At last night’s Borough Council Workshop the issue of parking at the A Field came up.  The A Field is directly behind the Moore Chevrolet property.  It was brought up that Harry Street, which is a one way street that runs from 11th Avenue and dead ends at Washington Street, actually begins where 12th Avenue would run if it crossed through the park and cemetery.

As you can see from the overview image above, once you cross 11th, it looks like Harry Street ends between the text for “11th” and “Ave” and there is actually a fence there (pictured at the top of this story).  The Borough contends that Harry Street actually runs the length between Moore Chevrolet and the field and dead ends at the cemetery.

So while additional parking at the field will help alleviate the burden put on the neighborhood when there are events, my initial thoughts went to the proposed Wawa and how this could affect it.  Did Wawa even realize that a public road existed, etc, etc.?

I went and searched for the initial Wawa plans and they do acknowledge Harry Street behind the property.  You can see the plans by clicking here.  It is easier to read on the second and third pages.  Note that the it says “Harry Street” and “road closed.”

So last night Borough Council asked its solicitor to contact Moore Chevrolet and begin the process of reclaiming the public street.  As I mentioned, council was researching an area to create additional parking.  So if a parking area is created the question arises how that could affect Wawa’s plans, especially the exit onto 11th.  As you may remember, one of the arguments against Wawa was the exit onto 11th into the neighborhood and close to the entrance of the fields.

Keep you posted.