Santa Statue Brings Bridgeport Together

Social media in Bridgeport is often contentious, so much so that it resulted in the town having two Facebook Groups, one titled just “Bridgeport PA” and the other “Bridgeport PA (without the censorship)”.

Photo: Jennifer Ann

But the contentiousness (mostly) disappeared over the past few days after a Jennifer Ann (Facebook handle) pointed out a statue of Santa sitting at the corner of 5th and Mill Streets (pictured above).

Photo: Carmella Salmon

Social media in Bridgeport was quickly filled with selfies taken with the Santa statue. It appears it started with Carmella Salmon who posted the above photo and suggested people take selfies with Santa.

Numerous people and groups of people followed. See more selfies and photos with Santa below:

Photo: Jennifer Ann
Photo: Victoria Batten
Photo: Susanna Orangers‎
Photo: Borough of Bridgeport
Photo: Brian Anthony
Photo: Lorrie Bednar‎
Photo: Barbara Alvarez
Photo: Steven Shah
Photo: Borough of Bridgeport Police Department
Photo: Lauren Ferdinand‎
Photo: JoAnn Gadzicki

You can view more photos within the Bridgeport PA Facebook Group and the Bridgeport PA (without the censorship) Facebook Group. 

Header Photo: Beth Kagan