Shot Down…..Twice

Some cases just should not be filed. Although I represent injured people, I would have politely declined to represent this man.

The facts begin like many bad jokes – – a man walks into a bar. The man very quickly gets into a heated argument with another bar patron who had been there for some time. The man and patron both pull out their guns and open fire. The patron is shot several times in the stomach. The man is shot once in the chest. Both are rushed to the hospital, both survive.

After he recovers, the man sues the bar. He claims that the bar and its owners are responsible for his gunshot wound because they were negligent and careless because they did not search patrons for weapons. We all know about the TSA – – the Transportation Safety Administration. Perhaps we need a BS Administration… I meant Bar Security Administration, you probably had a different meaning for BS. I think you would be correct. As I have said in the past, our Courts usually get things right. The BS did not fly, the case was dismissed. There are, however, very legitimate cases brought against various business entities that fail to provide adequate security for their patrons. I will write about that next time… without the BS. Happy New Year and be careful out there.

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