Sixer Accused of Trashing House in West Conshohocken and Making a Death Threat

TMZ Sports, and are all reporting that Philadelphia 76’er Nerlens Noel has been accused in a lawsuit of trashing a rental home outside Philadelphia. The home is located on Riverview Lane in West Conshohocken. Riverview Lane is off of 23 up past the Wawa heading into the Main Line. According to property records, the home was purchased in 2014 for $760,000. was the only outlet correctly identifying the home in the correct town, so we are going to go with its story. From

Landlords claim a Philadelphia 76ers player trashed a $4,500-per-month rental house in the suburbs to the tune of $42,000 in damages, and left a Halloween tombstone as a death threat against litigation.

Sixers center Nerlens Noel leased the West Conshohocken, Pa., house in 2014 from Suzanne and William Bredt and stayed for one year. When he left, they discovered a ravaged home with sullied carpets, broken appliances, and strewn garbage, according to a lawsuit filed Thursday.

They also “discovered remnants” of marijuana use “including in the master bathroom drawers and in more public spaces of the home,” the complaint says, with an accompanying picture of a small cigar butt.

After the lease’s expiration, the Bredts claim they were unable to reach Noel and instead attempted to contact his agent in September 2015 with a claim of $42,000 in damages.

The next day, “a death threat in the form of a tombstone with a skull and the letters ‘RIP’ was erected on the steps of the property,” the lawsuit states, with an image of the decorative tombstone.

TMZ Sports published a laundry list of all the damages and issues:

In their lawsuit, the owners of the home list all of the crazy damage they found including after Noel moved out in August 2015:

— “Splashed neon colored sports drinks (such as Gatorade) on the carpets throughout the home.”
— $30,000 in other damage to carpets
— Extreme water damage throughout the home
— Clogged toilets filled with cotton balls and feces
(In fact, the owners say the plumber who fixed the toilet told them the damage was so bad he told them, “Someone must not like you.”)
— Broken elevator (it’s a baller house)
— $4,000 in damage to the stove
— damage to the fridge
— damage to the blinds
— damage to dishwasher
— torn window screens

The owners say they also found weed and roaches from joints in the home — including pieces of marijuana in the master bathroom drawers.

Pictures of the tombstone and of the alleged damage to the home can be found on TMZ Sports.