Snow emergency in West Conshohocken

A snow emergency has been declared in West Conshohocken starting Sunday, January 31st at noon. During a snow emergency parking is restricted on designated snow emergency routes, which are Josephine Avenue, Bullock Avenue, Dehaven Avenue, New Dehaven Street, and Spring Garden Street.

You are allowed to park on the even-numbered sides of Josephine Avenue, Dehaven Street, New Dehaven Street, and Spring Garden Street. Once parked, you have to stay parked until the snow emergency expires. Parking is prohibited on both sides of Bullock Street. The notice published on the town’s website and social media didn’t provide an expiration time for the snow emergency.

West Conshohocken also asks that once the public works department has cleared your street not to push snow back out onto the street. This will cause re-icing conditions. You may also be asked to move your vehicle to allow for a clear roadway for emergency vehicles.