Snow Removal Regulations in Whitemarsh Township

Whitemarsh Township posted to its Facebook page today its snow removal regulations. Snow removal is not just the responsibility of the township, PennDOT, the county, residents and business are also responsible for specific roads and areas such as sidewalks. See the regulations below:

Snow Removal Regulations

Each year, with the first snowfall, the township is flooded with telephone calls regarding the rules and policies affecting snow removal. Please note the following:

  • As soon as snow or freezing rain begins, the Highway Department starts salting and applying cinders on township roads. Snow plowing begins when the snow depth reaches 3 – 4 inches.
    • Many of our main roadways, such as Germantown Pike, Joshua Road, Ridge Pike, North Lane, Cedar Grove Road, Skippack Pike, Bethlehem Pike, Pennsylvania Avenue, Stenton Avenue, Flourtown Road, Militia Hill Road and Butler Pike are not maintained by the Township as these roads are owned and maintained by PennDOT or Montgomery County.
  • To assist with snow and ice removal, the Township Code requires all vehicles to be parked off-street when snow reaches a depth of 3 to 4 inches requiring plowing. Residents and businesses without sufficient off-street parking are required to adhere to the following schedule:
    • In even numbered calendar years (2012, 2014 etc.), parking is permitted on the side of the street with even numbered addresses.
    • In odd numbered calendar years (2013, 2015 etc.), parking is permitted on the side of the street with odd numbered addresses.
    • On streets with permanent parking restrictions (No Parking Here To Corner, No Parking, etc.), the permanent restrictions shall prevail.
  • The Township Police Department will strictly enforce these regulations during winter storms in order to insure that the Public Works Department can plow, salt and cinder the roads to make them passable and safe for everyone. Violators are subject to fines up to $1,000.
  • Residents and business owners also are reminded that all sidewalks and parking lots must be cleared of snow and ice within 24 hours of the end of a snowfall. Compliance with this ordinance allows for pedestrian passage, particularly elementary school children walking to school.
  • The U.S. Postal Service requests the cooperation of postal customers in keeping walkways and curbside mailboxes clear of snow and ice, in order to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of mail this winter. Letter carriers are especially vulnerable to slips, trips and falls during the winter months.
    • Residents who receive mail delivery to curbside boxes are asked to keep the approach to and exit from their mailbox clear of snow, ice, vehicles, trash cans and other objects.