Spring Mill Campus seeks to add outdoor seating area for a proposed location of The Goat’s Beard

The owner of the Spring Mill Campus, Alliance HP, is proposing to construct an outdoor seating area adjacent to the vacant restaurant space within the corporate office building at the corner of East Hector and Lee streets in the Conshohocken section of Whitemarsh Township. You can view the documents here.

The restaurant mentioned in the documents is The Goat’s Beard, which has existing locations in Wayne and Manayunk. You can view its menu in Wayne here.

In a November 2nd application, Alliance HP requested a waiver of land development stating that the proposal to construct the outdoor space does not involve any new buildings, the worsening of impervious conditions, and any new roads or rearrangement of existing roads. In a October 28th letter to the township, the applicant’s architect outlined how the required parking is satisfied.

In a letter dated November 8th, Whitemarsh Township’s Director of Planning and Zoning Charlie Guttenplan confirmed that the parking requirement was met and outlines three items that will need to be satisified to move forward. One invovles acknowledging that it is prohibited to permanetely remove topsoil and the second involves a requirement to go before the township’s board of supervisors to have signage approved. The third involves a hold harmless agreement with the township involving items that will be in the ultimate right-of-way along Lee Street (such as a fence and a fountain). Guttenplan acknowledges in the letter that the hold harmless agreement process is already underway.

The space within the corporate center was previously a restaurant named Mona Lisa, which primarly served the tenants of the campus’ office buildings.

More to come.

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