State Has Budgeted Money Towards Reopening Balligomingo Road in West Conshohocken

This morning we came across a website that provides details on transportation improvements that are in PennDOT’s pipeline. We of course looked up what is planned for the greater Conshohocken area and saw that the currently closed Balligomingo Road in West Conshohocken is on the list.  Balligomingo Road has been closed due to failing slope along the road. When it storms, the road becomes covered in mud.

The report, pictured below, states that work to stabilize the slope can begin in March of 2018 and that is projected to be estimated to be completed in March of 2019. The cost is $2,175,000.

Please note that this doesn’t mean the project is 100% going to happen. From the PennDOT website:

This plan provides the public with an active role in the development of transportation plans, programs, and projects beginning in the early stages of plan development and continuing throughout the planning process. As needs and priorities change, the TIP (Transportation Improvement Plan) may be modified or amended.