Statement from Conshy Police Department on Hurricane Irene

From a press release issued by the Conshohocken Police Department:

Hurricane Irene is expected to arrive in the area on Saturday evening/night 8/27/11.  Irene is expected to bring heavy rain and wind to our area.

If you live or have a business along the Schuylkill River or Plymouth Creek, please move to higher ground, and move vehicles to higher ground before Irene arrives.

The police department will be barricading areas and roadways that are prone to flooding.  Do not attempt to drive through barricaded or high water areas.  Please contact your business management for further instruction.

The Fellowship House will be used as the PRIMARY refuge for residents if the need arises to evacuate due to a catastrophe.  Conshohocken Elementary School will be used as a SECONDARY location for placement for residents to be evacuated.

Washington Fire House will be used for Emergency Command.  NO OTHER PERSONNEL.

Basic Personal Prep Kit: bottled water, canned food, medicines, flash lights, batteries, First Aid kit, portable radio and batteries, toiletries and extra clothing.