Stay Awake . . . Stay Alive

I am an avid ice hockey fan and was pumped up while the Flyers traveled the rough road to the Stanley Cup playoffs. The result was disappointing but I was thrilled with and applauded the grit and determination they displayed. I remember the picture of Danny Briere with blood streaming down his face from a high stick. The ice hockey playoffs are indeed a rough road.

The road, Route 81 to be precise, got even rougher for Flyers center Danny Briere. It was past midnight, he was driving with his 9 year old son, his vehicle drifted into the tractor trailer he was passing and then struck a guardrail. Fortunately, he and his son survived with minor injuries as did the truck driver. He said later that the accident occurred because he felt very, very drowsy.

I read and heard interviews from Danny Briere during the playoffs, he was asked about playing in pressurized, important games. He said he had just explained to his three sons that you need to embrace those games, you need to play big in big games, and athletes must hope for and cherish the chance to play in these big, meaningful, important games. Sounds like a good dad giving good advice to his sons.

So Danny Briere, who is only 32, and who sounds like a caring dad and who is undoubtedly in excellent physical condition still almost fell asleep at the wheel. We drive our cars everyday but in a literal blink of an eye, this every day activity can become terribly dangerous for anyone including young men, good parents, conditioned athletes and yes, even
you. Let’s be careful out there.

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