Sunshine Act issue impacts April 15th zoning hearings in Plymouth Township

Plymouth Township failed to upload the April 15th agenda for the meeting of the township’s zoning hearing board 24 hours prior to the meeting time. Due to this, the zoning hearing board will now open the meeting and continue each case until a future date (that has not yet been determined).

In 2023, Pennsylvania updated its Sunshine Act to include a requirement to post agendas on municipal websites no later than 24 hours prior to meeting dates/times. This is on top of the existing requirements to advertise the meeting in a local paper, post a notice on the property itself, mail notices to nearby property owners, etc.

Every weekend, we go through several municipal websites to see what is on the agendas for the upcoming week. While the zoning meeting in Plymouth Township was on the calendar, there was no agenda posted. Sometimes this just means the meeting is canceled and the website wasn’t updated. However, today, it meant that the township didn’t meet the requirement under the Sunshine Act.

The agenda was added mid-morning on April 15th, so you can view which applications were impacted.