Super Wawa Update….

One of the big rumors about six months ago was that Wawa was looking at the property at 1010 West Ridge Pike (across from the movie theater) as an alternative to the Moore Chevrolet property at 11th and Fayette.  It was also noted that Conicelli also wanted that property, which is adjacent to to one of their lots.  A couple days ago I noticed a banner announcing the property as the future home of a Honda service center, so we can put the Wawa to Ridge rumor to rest.

Public oppositions to proposed Super Wawa’s pops up it seems wherever they hope to put a new location.  Here is an article about public opposition in Cherry Hill and below is video from FOX29:

So where does the Super Wawa stand as of right now in Conshy?  They have not yet formally proposed anything to the Borough, but they do have an agreement on the land (basically the Moore’s can’t sell or lease it to anyone else during the term of this agreement).  People in the commercial real estate have told me Wawa is notorious for tying up property for years, so not sure if we can expect anything to move forward anytime soon.