Survey Results: Level of Concern on Local Issues

A couple of weeks ago we asked our readers to weigh in on how concerned they are on a bunch of local issues. 232 people responded.

Below are the results of the survey, plus at the bottom are the responses when we asked if there is anything else they wanted to share (please note we left these unedited).

Water & air pollution is of very high concern to me — especially with Covanta close by and the high levels of Chromium 6 that were found in Conshy’s water. With all of the traffic coming through Conshy, the air pollution rates, particularly on Fayette St, are sure to increase.

no wawa yes/no question??????

Conshy needs a grocery store!


Covanta…..please, please, please get this plant shut down. Toxic wasteland in our back yard and in our air

Trash plant and new school board are #1

All of our local towns need to slow down with development. Pedestrian safety is a big concern with the way people speed up and down the avenues. Say no to Wawa but allow everything and anything else. Doesn’t make sense.

how can a developer leave a parcel dug-up/under construction with dirt, mud, equipment and materials laying around for years – yet I can be fined for letting my grass grow longer than 6 inches? Just sayin.

No more townhome communities!! Not in Conshohocken, Whitemarsh, or Plymouth!!

The main intersections over in West Conshy, right at the bridge, are hot messes. It’s pathetic that it takes me 20 minutes just to go through there and cross the bridge to get home during rush hour.

Road construction on 23 going toward Gladwyn is awful.

We need a complete reboot of local and county government. Neither is listening to the people. These politicians are in it for what they can get out of it. Not for the people they are supposed to serve!

our infrastructure (traffic control, utilities…) are severely over burdened by the current fast pace development. part of managing boro construction must be ensuring our infrastructure can support the rate of development, currently we are failing in that aspect.

the constant building in Conshohocken is destroying this town.

Thanks for you do to keep residents informed of the real issues!

I think we need better communication about meetings and issues being discussed. Also, a “go to” list for when we have questions. Publications need to be unbiased. No place for anger and partisanship. No personal attacks or gossip. We are a community. We need better dissemination of laws about dogs, i.e all dogs need to be on leashes, no aggressive dogs in neighborhood, a dog attack needs to be handled by Police. Better communication of people in need so community can come together to help with food, clothing, money etc. Town Hall meetings with open agendas.

Please stop building


When will congress earn their pay – they all should be fired


Politicians need to be weeded out of the parties who are in it for themselves and the powers that go with the jobs. They have no desire to remember that the government is about WE THE PEOPLE and making lives and living better.

Need a second bridge (somewhere) over the Schuykill.

With all the new construction and homes going up how is the sewer authority going to handle Conshohocken’s needs, bigger facility and bigger bills? I have lived in Conshy my entire life 63 years. March April 2020 I am putting my home up for sale and moving out of Conshohocken. Between the traffic, rude renters, 10 people living in one dweling and the overall changes going on in our town I am out of here!

Side walks now! Township control of State road maintenance, and speed bump tables on all roads and intersections at 25mph Now! The safety or our kids and pedestrians should be paramount to the over development or car first mentality!

Constituents need to participate and attend meetings regularly

Bulter Pike is my issue, but you know that already.

Despite my personal good fortune, I would like to see local housing for people who do not make $100,000 a year. Modest townhouses, even modest homes. I know the builders have to make a profit and the townships all want “pay to build” deals, but without options we lose the balance of population and become a Stepford of well to do folks (with some locals who inherited their houses from their parents or grandparents).

Traffic congestion on Joshua Rd and Germantown Pike

The WAWA would be destructive to Conshy’s future. Play it forward and consider the changes this alteration in zoning interpretation will make

Vote Republican!

Disappointed and absolutely against a super Wawa. Can’t believe they’re even building a hotel. It’s way too much!!!!

We live in a great area and it’s turning into an overpopulated, congested, politically corrupt shithole.

Parks should not be dog free areas.

Very concerned with overdevelopment and sink holes in the area and the raise of taxes due to new middle school .

Covanta trash incineration plant poisening the local population unchecked.

It would be nice to have common sense come back into play!

Development, congestion

The school board is out of control. Happy that some people have been replaced, more work to do though. Too much development, roads are sinking and bridges are still out.

There should be a senior center for the entire community.

Stop developing housing, we’re booked! Entice mom& pop businesses, not chains for our small town feel. We don’t need redundant stores.

I live in Upper Merion Township and it is a great place to live!

Over development in Conshohocken is creating a traffic nightmare in the lower end of town near the bridge. They can’t continue to allow all that building with only two lanes of traffic going over that bridge. Another crossing is needed somewhere in the vicinity.


My main concern is overdevelopment of the area and the recent history of overlooking environmental impact

Stop building so many apartment buildings! Too many people. Also, it would be nice to have more of a main street. So many unnecessary buildings separate 1st ave towards 9th ave. The town has become a walk to dinner/drinks and walk home. Nothing else is grabbing you to come and walk around.

I was hoping for a better written survey. One word questions will mean different things to different people. A ten point scale, in addition to vague questions means the data will be of little use. (what is the difference between a 3 and a 4?) Even the term “concerned” could use some context. I took the approach of ranking the issues 1-10 (even thought their are 13) for the amount of public focus on the issue I’d like to see. Best of luck….

I’d like to see a multi year plan for planned and potential development for Fayette St, the riverfront, and general borough.

two big issues that are really easily fixable. people constantly block intersections during the morning traffic. it screws up everything. also, 90% of people do not follow the school zone speed limit. the hit the red light, then speed away. there are still 2 blocks left in the school zone. this is easy revenue for the borough. pull some people over

Strive to keep the integrity and desirability of Conshohocken high. Place limitations on renting properties to large groups of college kids. Enforce noise ordinance laws and take appropriate action on the renters/landlord if violations occur.

Public Safety

I think we live in a great area and that overall, our elected leadership is doing a very good job.

Traffic is one thing… semi-permanent road closures are another. Why aren’t these EMERGENCIES??

Leaders have done nothing to protect us from over development. Traffic will soon be much more of a nightmare around here. We are becoming urbanized!

The over development of our community and the political nonsense going on with the school board all needs to stop

Sink holes!!!!!

No. 1. I’m a runner and cars drive WAY too fast all over conshy and blow stop signs all the time. There needs to be better police presence really pulling over these cars. I have yelled at people driving before because they have either not seen me or seen me but decided to drive and not stop. It’s also a problem down at the SRT when there is not stop signs by the trail. As a runner, I can stop more easily than a cyclist. Cyclists cannot stop as easy and I believe there is a huge risk of cars hitting them. So many people FLY down the roads around town and it really must be better controlled. It’s not as of now.

No. 2. Why does every park have to be dog free? Especially Sutcliffe. I understand that some people don’t pick up after there dogs, but if you were to actually enforce fining (I get that’s hard), then maybe people could actually take their dogs to these places to walk. The thing is with all these cars driving like idiots (See above), it would be a lot safer to walk my dog in the park. He’s 15 pounds and I bet some cars don’t even see him. The dog park is in a bad location and is not even split for small vs. large dogs like many dog parks are. Maybe we could compromise and make dogs allowed in parks only during certain hours or only weekdays or something. But I think it should be addressed. I’ve never lived in a town where dogs are literally not allowed in parks.

Carol’s Place Bar – Trash/Cigarette’s on street, Available parking outback not used? Bar patrons clearly do not respect neighbors or neighborhood. Police dont seem to do much about it ever.

Turning the PW school board into an extension of a political party is most concerning to me. And I would say the same regardless of what majority party made up the board and used it for political leverage.

Major community issues (schools, roads, building permits) seem to get hung up Due to local politicians, who appear to be more focused on greasing palms. Whitemarsh (politics) is really a swamp that needs to be drained! For the sake of our community, we need people who get $#!+ done.

The speeding on E Hector St is out of control in the evenings and on weekends. 50 – 60 mph. The noise of illegal mufflers is also a concern. Police do not seem to be interested.


Traffic is horrific and really needs to be addressed

Yes. I am against building rental properties on the flood plain West Conshohocken. The traffic is horrendous already and we don’t need more cars added to the problem. We have seen the change in weather already due to global warning and it is extremely unsafe to build on a flood plain. Thank you.

The consolidation of operating responsibilities in the Borough of Conshohocken is of great concern. One person is now in charge of parks, streets, code enforcement and emergency management – all without any formal qualifications in any of them. How did this happen? Political patronage? Political corruption?

Something needs to be done about the traffic to get out of conshy over the bridge. This is getting crazy. I don’t want to move solely because of that. I love it here. But waiting 30 minutes around rush hour just to leave conshy is out of control.

It doesn’t seem to matter what the voters want. We have had the same issues since I moved here over 20 years ago. The only safe place to cross Fayette St. is at a red light and then you are still risking your life.

Traffic will be more horrendous with all the new homes being squeezed in.

Too many developments for a space probably not able to handle the increased activity.

Very disappointed in the ongoing delays, legal battle and expense regarding the Wawa on Fayette St. The existing site is an eyesore and does not contribute to the community. Why aren’t we fighting all of the new housing the is congesting the area’s infrastructure.

i believe changes should be set to the residents before decisions are made. there is too much development,too many restaurants. how about retails stores. if you want conshy to stand out we need retail not just food
East Elm Street is a with the dirty street, no lighting, not paved/lined like E Hector and their response is that it is a highway and they can’t do anything.
Conshohocken has always been considered a small poor hick town, people were ashamed to say they lived here ! I feel most people are sheep, a tad slow and backward thinkers ! The gp would follow the pied piper off a cliff

Yeah, the School Board is full of criminals.

Biggest issues: TRAFFIC, overdevelopment (more sky high eyesores) and entrenched political corruption resulting from one-party rule. And what’s the deal with Washies?