The latest news on Coronavirus in Montgomery County

Montgomery County officials announced today during a virtual press conference that there were 83 new cases of Coronavirus on Sunday and 18 today. Eighteen of the two-day total are from long-term care facilities. The new countywide total is 5,110.

Over the past two days, three confirmed deaths due to Coronavirus were reported. That brings the total number of confirmed deaths countywide to 417. No probable death information was available.

In an update to the article from earlier today about County Commissioner Ken Lawrence testing positive, County Commissioner Dr. Val Arkoosh stated that those who had been in close contact with Lawrence had been tested and are working from home. Once the results are in, they will determine how to move forward. However, Commissioner Joe Gale spoke later and said that he does not plan to get tested as doesn’t want to use a test that could be used by someone who needs it as he is young and healthy (which is exactly the reason Lawrence chose to not get tested earlier) and he believes the focus should be on long-term care facilities.

The specific municipal data hasn’t been updated for today as of 8:23 p.m.

The 14-day average is now 1,430 with a daily average of 102.1. The big dip over the weekend can be attributed to the county’s testing facility being closed and the Mother’s Day holiday. The county is currently 72.1 off the goal of an average of 30 positive tests per day to move from phase red to phase yellow and a partial reopening.

In regards to hospital beds, patients hospitalized due to Coronavirus total in the low to mid 300s. Approximately 25% require a ventilator. The number of patients has declined from the 400s over the past few weeks.

Ninety-three long-term care facilities report that 1,409 residents have had a positive test result and 562 staff. Not all residents and staff are Montgomery County residents.

You can view the latest data from the county here.

You can watch today’s press conference below: