Top 10 Stories of 2010

For the second year (wow, have I been doing this that long?), has come up with the Top 10 Stories in Conshohocken for the past year.  So in no real particular order, here they are for 2010:

10. The Blizzard of 2010 (maybe a little in 2009).  For several weeks there was snow everywhere due at least (from what I remember) two major snow falls and a couple minor ones.  Two guys even built a snow bar.

9. Conshohocken held its first Restaurant Week.  For the first time, a group of businesses came together and marketed Conshohocken as a destination.  (Full disclosure, coordinates Restaurant Week)

8. Out of the ashes of the 2009 fire on Washington Avenue came the upscale Londonbury.  The property opened two building with apartments over the summer and the hotel portion should open around the New Year.  The Londonbury has added around 300 new residents to Conshohocken, which are needed to keep all the restaurants in business.  (see No. 7)  (Full disclosure, Londonbury is an advertiser)

7. Conshohocken maintained it booming restaurant business.  Every day in the paper you read about restaurants in the Philadelphia area going out of business.  While a handful of restaurants have closed up shop in Conshohocken, each one has been quickly replaced.  2010 saw 8 East, Isabella, Jimmy John’s, The Outbound Station, El Limon and Five Guys open.  Maloney’s replaced The Old Mansion House, the Conshohocken Cafe replaced Boccella’s, Keystone Pizza replaced another pizza place, Phoenix Dragon replaced China King 2 and Andy’s Diner replaced HI Rib.  (Full disclosure, several of these restaurants are advertisers)

6. Sewer rates were all the rage for a couple weeks.  Sewer rates went up, people were angry, an attack video was made, there were a couple meetings and there has been no news since.

5. A new bank to replace a historic home?  Continental Bank proposed to tear down a historic home at 6th and Fayette, people got angry, people went to a couple meetings and there has been no news since.

4. Super Wawa to replace Moore Chevrolet?  Wawa proposed to build a Super Wawa at 10th and Fayette, people got angry, lawyers were hired, people went to a meeting and there has been no news since.

3. The Philadelphia Fight (the local rugby club) held their league’s national championship in Conshohocken.  Rugby fans from all over the east coast descended on Conshy and had a great time.  Phillies’ legend Mike Schmidt attended and Howard Eskin showed up to interview him.  (Full disclosure, I am on the board of the Fight)

2. Pulver acquired the three aces along the river where Florig had been located and plans to build a 14 story office building called 7 Tower Bridge.

1. “I Summer in Conshy” ruled summer.  A group of friends came up with a catchy shirt and it spread around the world.

Think I forgot something?  Post on the comments.