Trattoria Totaro Wins the Conshohocken Restaurant Rally

Back in May the Conshohocken AMBUCS held their annual Restaurant Rally. During the event, participants enjoy different dishes at each restaurant and place votes. The winning restaurant this year was Trattoria Totaro, which has now won it four times in five years.

Pictured above are Debbie Flocco (far left), Tom Wcislo (2nd to left), Donna Totaro, Tori Totaro and Vince Flocco (far right). The Flocco’s and Wcislo organize the fundraiser as members of AMBUCS. Missing from the photo is Vince Totaro, the chef.

Haven’t been to Trattoria Totaro? They are having a Seafood Festival on July 25th. Click here to find out the details.

Thanks to Brian Coll from for the photo.