Ukrainian refugee now attending Colonial Middle School collecting items to help those impacted by the war

In April 2022, NBC10 reported on Mia Dobrianska, a Conshohocken woman from Ukraine who was able to reunite with her 12-year-old sister who had fled to Poland after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Mia’s sister, Olha, is now a student at Colonial Middle School and celebrating her thirteenth birthday. She was recently spotlighted by the school district for her effort to collect care items for infants and their mothers to send to Ukraine.

You can purchase items off Olha’s Amazon Wishlist here and they will be sent to help those who have been impacted by the war. If you send items with your Colonial Middle School students, they can be dropped off at Ms. Penrice’s classroom.

“Many parents lost their homes and their belongings because of the war, and they have small children in their arms,” Olha says. “Now in Ukraine, children’s items are quite expensive. This program will provide basic help.”

Olha shared, “I didn’t want to leave Ukraine, but I didn’t have a choice. When I came to America, I was surprised by everything. There are so many shops and everything is so big, from buildings to the size of food.”

Olha is collaborating with the American Ukrainian Relief Association. Her older sister Mia has done a lot of work with them, which is what inspired Olha’s collection efforts.

“Mia thinks about the needs of others and is a helper, said Olha. “As soon as the full-scale war began, she was constantly looking for volunteers and people who could help. When you help someone in need, it brings happiness to a person.”

“Everyone should feel happiness. In Ukraine, once upon a time, children’s laughter could be heard there while adults went to work,” Olha continued. “In some places, there is simply nothing left. Because of this, I want to help my country.”

Photo: Colonial School District